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Besides offering diverse CD tutorials and worshop training for your school or organization, Artedcd also offers real time video chat sessions for helping you learn a mulitude of art techniques in different media.  You will get to learn directly from me, Mary Mathews, an art teacher veteran with over 35 years of teaching experience.   So how does this work?  Follow the steps below to get started with this.

1.  Go to and become a member.  Membership is free.  All skype members can talk to each other for free on the phone and by computer video chat.  For more information about skype, please click on this links below for a quick explanation.

Talk face to face with live video for Free Click here to Get Skype Now!

3.  Schedule a Skype Video Chat Session day and time -   BEFORE YOU PAY be sure to schedule your free live web cam consultation. Do not pay unless you have scheduled the live consultation first.  Once you have scheduled your session, please proceed to pay for your session. Please know that once a time has been scheduled, you will be required to be present during that time.  If you aren't then your class time you ordered will be considered used.  A 24 hour notice must be given if you cannot make your skype video chat appointment.  Please contact us if you have an emergency for not making your appointment. 

Please choose from the following options:

30 minute skype instruction session $9.00
1 hour skype instruction session $12.00

Please call us at 215-766-8957 or
e-mail: to schedule your session.

Please let us know your skype username or email.

2.  Send Payment - You will be billed by either mail or be sent a paypal bill for your services.

Payment can be sent by check to:

ArtEdCD Company
386 E. Dark Hollow Rd.
Pipersville, PA 18947

4.  Start your video session - Now that you have recieved a reply confirmation email and we have agreed on a appointment time, you can start your  Art Ed Cd video skype session using this buttton.   Enjoy!

Skype Me�!
Please only call after a confirmation email has been sent to you.  Thank you.

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