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Learn any style of art from beginner to advanced with Mary Mathews.  Use Skype to connect with Mary, set up an individual time and learn from one of the best art education instructors. 

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 Who am I? I am Mary E. Mathews, a professional art teacher with over 38 years of experience. I have experimented with one goal in mind ?to make all students who enter my art room successful!

High standard and teaching skills one-step at a time enables all students to succeed. Without skills students make false judgments. Concepts and skills will enable students to understand how an artist thinks and works and how to use various media. There is so much to learn and so it is extremely important to teach students that which they will remember and continue to use; they remember if all of their senses are stimulated. The visuals I have created, teach students step by step how to plan a work of art, how to execute observation skills, how to use color layering and many other aspects of art. I also include portfolio planning and grant writing, essential tools in expanding a young artist?s viewpoint.

You can browse through the visuals that I use under the Art Education Instruction tab.  There you'll see some of the different areas of art that I cover in depth.

Alright, let's begin.  Feel free to browse this site to get to know the services that are offered.  Services include classes you can take with me at my studio, classes in your home limited to 40 - 45 mile radius from Pipersville, or online via SKYPE.  Enjoy!


Featured artists

Below are our recent portrait studies done by our talented students. Teens worked on self portraits in oil. Each one tried to say something about themselves either using a background or in the clothes they wore.  Click on each picture for a larger view!



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